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PostSubject: The Serpent   The Serpent EmptyMon Oct 29, 2012 9:08 pm

Name: Kenji Akiha - AKA the Serpent
Gender: Male
The Serpent Pbucket

Rank: S
Village: Former Konoha
Elements: Fire
Bloodline: Akiha

Combat Specialties/Professions:

Ninjutsu - Mastery

Weaponry- Mastery

Final Mastery to be chosen when split

Total Starting Experience:



Weapons: Name: Serpents Wrath
Design: Sword in his hand
Function : A katana of strange origin, forged from the volcano that is Land of Iron
Special abilities:
Fire Channel - Can Channel Katon Jutsu's through the use of the blade, no handseals required, at 1/2 cost current count, may use 3 times before a cool down of 5 posts
Flame Whip - Turns the sword in a firey whip, able to lash out upwards of 50 feet, capable of melting metal if under B rank. Senbon, Kunai etc etc
Hellfire - If someone dies by his sword, there soul becomes trapped, body burning up. If the Serpent is defeated, his sword explodes releasing all those souls, bringing those he killed recently back to life.
Roaring Flame Dome - A variation of roaring flame sphere, instead of creating the sphere, he summons it around him, a death move, incompassing a 50 foot radius, incinerating it into ash.

Unique Trait - Immense Fire - All katon moves used against him must be of A rank or higher, otherwise he will just absorb them, gaining there chakra.

Unique Specialty - Kenjutsu God - Similar to the gates, the Serpent can transend the realm of possibilities, giving himself roughly equal to the 4th gate, for 15 posts. Once these 15 posts are up, he dies, unless his sword kills someone and feasts on there soul.

Unique Bonus - Everyone who killed him/present has there katon element changed to green fire (IF they have the katon element)
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The Serpent
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