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Azel wrote:
Azel wrote:
Name: Zero Shadow
Gender: Male

Rank: A-rank
Village: Kumoirgakure
Elements: N/A
Bloodline: Technoite

Combat Specialties/Professions:

Taijutsu Master
Engineer Basic
Sensory Master

Total Starting Experience: 1k

Gates 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.


Free 5 million ryo as engineer-kun.

Name: Drone
Design: The item is the size of a Owl or whatever. It looks exactly the same as one as if Zero invented football. The lines on the football are black and there are white laces. In the middle of the laces there is a single black 1 inch button. Of course, that's just the outward appearance of the football. Inside, there is not air but instead bouncing mechanisms that are hitting off each other. They take in the information from the surroundings and then when Zero needs to see he can press the button on the outward lace. Then, there will be an electrical screen displayed on half the football with information.
Function : The Football is a sensory item crafted by Zero to sense the surrounding environment's many components in a 100 meter radius per the name "Football" because a football field is about that long. Basic items sensed are gravity, temperature, and shapes of the area.
Special abilities: N/A
Materials Used:
Iron, chakra conductive, gadgets and electrical devices.
Total Price: 121,000

Name: Swimmy
Design: Kiddy swimming goggles that fit the eyes of Zero exactly are the form this weapon takes. There's skull marks all over the goggles to make them look scary supposedly. Even so, the entire weapon is pink and shiny with innocence. The front of the goggles have glass on them to allow the wearer to see clearly. On the side straps there are electrical cords inside linked to the glass to project a special sense of sight for Zero.
Function : The goggle's projection screen shows information about the battlefield only to the wielder. If necessary, targets can be spotted from a great distance away and noticed far before they enter a topic. The goggles automatically highlight enemies in red and allies in green. Finally, the goggles can also sync to the football and show information from it without having to use the screen of the football.
Special abilities: N/A
Materials Used: Hard plastic, glass, gadgets and electrical devices.
Total Price: 78,000

Name: Ceily
Design: The weapon looks exactly like a ceiling fan. It has 3 wings on it and unlike a ceiling fan they allowed the android to fly. Indeed, it's an android too. Using the single lantern light; videos can be recorded of whatever the android is looking at with the light. The light itself is under the wings of the fan. All of the fan is in comedic green camouflage that looks like it's from the army. Despite the weird appearance there are complicated mechanisms inside the fan. The light has metal working left and right producing electricity to make videos. Then, the wings of the fan are being propelled by extreme friction metal.
Function : Revolvo can sync itself with both the previous weapons Zero possesses. The way it does that is by first recording a video of the surroundings while it uses flight mechanisms to get a full view of the area. On the video, the previous two weapons would have their characteristics being present on the video to help the viewers get as much information as possible. In combat, the android can project what it knows onto the football's screen or the goggle's screen.
Special abilities: N/A
Materials Used: Gadgets, electrical devices, and titanium.
Total Price: 77,000

Name: Museigen
Design: Incomprehensible and limitless; the design of Museigen varies. It'll evolve past the point that it will have a single design. But, everything has a starting point. A simple sphere is the outward appearance of Museigen. The ball is black in color and about the size of a softball. Inside, there's a plate suspended by various wires and blocks of metal. Those wires and metal pillars only supply power and animation for the plate. The interior of the plate is filled with thousands of branching wires from the initial ones outside the plate. Then, along those wires are thousands of metal pieces. Because of the variety, the plate can be made to easily change shape. Also, the variety allows more power and force to be pressed down on materials introduced to the plate. Thousands of wires produce a lot of energy along with thousands of metal pieces creating strong shapes. Controlling all the inner mechanisms would be thousands of buttons spread atop the ball. Every side of the ball also possesses the potential to be opened up to show the inner design of Museigen.
Function : Museigen's function is to consume materials and combine them to form new ones. The process begins by placing an item into the ball. Once inside, the item will be subject to the will of the wielder of Museigen. An intelligent wielder can utilize the item by pressing the buttons located all throughout the ball. Touching the ball to initialize a long serious of button presses will have the item inside the ball mix with Museigen. Fusing with Museigen; the item is melted down into a liquid form with cooling occurring through machinery. Then, molded by thousands of metal plates the item will be added on to Museigen to form a new creation. Of course, not everything can withstand the part about being melted down. So, metals are the only main thing that can be taken into Museigen.
Special abilities:
Special Ability Spiritual Housing: The item can house souls together if they are willing to be housed or have been pressed to such extreme physical exhaustion that the soul's owner has passed out. Takes a B-rank amount of chakra per soul.
Special Ability Spiritual Switch: Using housed souls the item can possess a sort of artificial intelligence. The souls can influence the item as the wielder of Museigan sees fit. Also, the user of Museigan can choose who has control of the item. Takes a C-rank amount of chakra to change the artificial intelligence in dominance.
Special Ability Gravitational Force: Perhaps using souls as an anchor; Museigen can attract gravity to itself to stay in one place. Takes a B-rank amount of chakra per each time to keep Museigen to itself.
Special Ability Psychological Battleground: By touching someone Museigen can initiate a battle in their mind where the surroundings are memories and anything having to do with the mind pretty much. Simply put, the machine can try and mind control someone. Takes S-rank chakra per time attempted.
Special Ability Temperature Disruption: One of Museigen's more unused abilities due to the obvious weakness that can be displayed from using the ability. Forcing the normal cooling of Museigen to an extreme initiates this ability. Making contact with Museigen after this ability is used makes an object become frozen probably. The reason objects are frozen are because Museigen's temperature is turned to near absolute zero or some cold temperature. Of course, the weakness in using such a low temperature is that it's hard to control. Flying Swallow or some other chakra coating technique needs to protect Museigen or it'll begin to break into halves each post with only one half being Museigen still. Even then in both cases; the weapon can't change forms for 3 posts after using this ability. Also, each usage of the ability takes A-rank chakra.
Materials Used: Chakra Conductive metal, gadgets, and 5 special abilities.
Total Price: 2,620,000

2,896000 total. 2,104,000 left.

Name: Zero's Runner
Design: Suit of armor
Function : How does it work? what does it do? What are the effects of your weapon
Special abilities: Damage resistance
Materials Used: What Materials have you used, how much of the material I.e kunai launcher used 10x kunai 1x iron bar 2x wooden planks (Not real items I know we dont have the list yet) and price of these materials
Total Price: (the total price of everything you used to make that weapon)

Zero's Runner (Unique Specialty) Armor protects against all but the strongest physical blows (Anything above 4th Gate)

Unique Trait - Side-effects of using the first 3 gates are negated

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