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 Rangetsu Hozuki

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Rangetsu Hozuki  Chuunin
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PostSubject: Rangetsu Hozuki    Rangetsu Hozuki  EmptyTue Jan 01, 2013 3:21 pm

Name: Rangetsu Hozuki
Gender: Female

Rank: S-Rank
Village: Formerly Kirigakure
Elements: Water/ Raiton
Bloodline: Hozuki

Combat Specialties/Professions:

  • Ninjutsu - Mastery
  • Genjutsu - Adept
  • Taijutsu - Adept
  • Weaponry (including Kenjutsu) - Mastery

Total Starting Experience:



Any Water jutsu - Water Release; Great Shark Bullet is a must

Any Raiton Jutsu - Kirin is going to be a must

Weapons: Sameheda

It can feed on a B rank amount of chakra per post, and take this back to the user, while also capable of using this B rank suction to weaken enemy jutsu with a B rank amount. When blocked, a C rank is drained, since it can suck out chakra due to contact. When stabbing/slashing a person, takes A rank. *If it draws blood or such stuff*

Unique Trait - Massive Chakra Supply - A true monster, Rangetsu has an additional +3 S rank worth of chakra per fight. (This also restored when using his pure bond, but is bumped up to +4 S ranks worth during that time)

Unique Specialty - Pure Bond - When Fusing with Samehada, grants a full restore of chakra and injuries, even loss of limbs and such.

Unique Bonus - Upon defeat, grants the person who defeated it Sameheda
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Rangetsu Hozuki
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