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 General Zaraki (Ish)

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General Zaraki (Ish) Chuunin
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PostSubject: General Zaraki (Ish)   General Zaraki (Ish) EmptyWed Feb 27, 2013 1:01 pm

Name: General Zaraki
Gender: Male
General Zaraki (Ish) Pbucket
Rank: S-Rank
Village: Former Kumogakure

Combat Specialties/Professions:

  • Ninjutsu - Master
  • Kenjutsu - Master
  • Sensory - Adept
  • Taijutsu - Adept

Total Starting Experience:


Desert Despair (Unique Trait) Zaraki has gained the ability to use Assimilate all creation a a much lower rate than previously, allowing him more time and power in it

Unique Specialty - Sandstorm- Zaraki can create a mighty sandstorm, that lasts until removed, it takes no chakra and has the same effects as rain tiger at will, however if its remove, he can pay a B rank more to resummon it again

Bonus Trait - Shibuki -

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General Zaraki (Ish)
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