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Ninjutsu - the most fundamental tool you'll ever use
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【 Ninjutsu 】
【 Information 】
└Ninjutsu┘(忍術; Literally meaning "Ninja Techniques"), is a term referring to almost any technique and allows the user to do something that they otherwise would be incapable of doing. Unlike genjutsu, which makes the opponent see illusions, the effects of ninjutsu are real. They vary greatly in purpose, with the simpler ninjutsu serving such tasks as transforming the user or allowing them to evade attacks. These techniques are often second-nature for experienced shinobi, who can use them at will. Mastery determines the strength, size, and speed of your Ninjutsu techniques along with the speed of your hand signs. This category reflects on the amount of chakra you can manipulate for free usage at one time as well as determining the level of control. The higher you have in Ninjutu will also determine how many physical clones you can produce as well as the strength of them including the amount of damage they can endure. The strength of specific Ninjutsu techniques (IE: Kage Mane- Kanashibari) are determined by the user and the opposing character to determine whether they have the ability to break free of the bind by willpower of means of chakra. Such techniques you will need to be within the same category of the user’s Ninjutsu affinity in order to overpower such or similar techniques.

【 Genin/Chuunin Level 】
└Inadequate┘ At this level one can only use up to C rank jutsu's. There knowledge of ninjutsu is meager at best. They understand the fundamental concepts, but nothing abstract or too in-depth. At this stage, one can't not even create custom jutsu's or learn them. As for there arsenal of jutsu's and such, they can only have up to C rank. A chuunin at this level can learn custom jutsu from others up to C rank, but still can not create it themselves.   

└Sufficient┘ This is the normal/standard level for all genin, most genin will fall under this category. They know up to B rank moves and can create custom moves up to C rank for themselves. Chuunin's at this level can create custom jutsu's up to B rank, and learn them up to B rank as well. If the user already knows the technique being used against him/her, he/she can tell possibly before the hand signs are even completed if the set of hand signs is long and complex

└Momentous┘ This sets the bar for genin, true genin who are just ninjutsu power houses. They excel in this area, and can learn jutsu up to A rank, and create custom moves up to B rank for themselves. Chuunins take this a stage higher, and can create custom jutsu's up to A rank, and learn them up to A rank as well. At this level, both Genin and Chuunin can have only one shadow clone in play, due to the strain and focus required for such a feat. The shadow clone is 1/4 the power of the user. At this level, the shinobi has become moderately familiar with hand signs and can tell when a person is using any elements that the user already possesses  

【 Jounin/Kage 】
└Inadequate┘ Jounin who have a meager in ninjutsu often times specialize in other area's, making ninjutsu something they rarely use. Due to there experience they are little better than a chuunin who is sufficient in it. They can learn up to A rank jutsu's. They also can create/learn custom jutsu's up to B rank. At this level, Jounin/Kage can have 2 shadow clones in play, each clone is 1/3 the power of the original. Because of his/her knowledge of hand signs, the user is capable of conducting them at a faster pace than their lower counterparts, that members of this level can do hand seals at a blurry rate, same as the level of speed at which Taijutsu Adepts move, they can complete series of seals before a Basic can punch them and a seal or two before an adept punches them.  

└Sufficient┘ The standard requirement for Jounin. They are at the normal level of what they can learn and handle. Knowing up S rank jutsu's, they can create/learn custom jutsu's up to A rank. However, Kage level and above, they can create/learn custom S rank jutsus. At this level, Jounin/Kage can have 4 shadow clones in play at a given time. Each clone is 1/3 the power of the original. Because of such, their hand signs are much faster than the normal persons, their hands move kinda hard for anyone in particular to follow, unless they are of a same level in specific other Combat Specs. They can easily do a ton of seals before a Basic or less can punch them, a couple of them before an Adept could punch them and maybe one or two before a Master could punch them. Their hand seal speed equals the speed of Taijutsu Masters.

└Momentous┘ Truly ninjutsu masters of unparalleled knowledge. They know the most dangerous and often times forbidden jutsu's, up to SS rank. They can create/learn jutsu's up to S rank and Kage level and above can create/learn custom SS rank jutsus. At this level, Jounin/Kage can have 4 shadow clones in play. Each clone is 1/2 the power of the original. Jounin/Kage who reach this level receive +3 extra S rank moves to show there increase stamina and prowess with ninjutsu.    

【 Kage+ 】
└Masteries┘Option 1. Elemental Behemoth - A momentous user gets 1/2 off B and under elemental moves of elements he possesses and a extra S rank elemental move (basically a free S rank or S rank equivalent elemental move)  (all for forever) in addition to the +3 extra S rank moves.

Option 2. Bloodline Savant - A momentous user gets a reduction in all clan based moves (KKG or otherwise). Things that have a chakra cost of C rank and under no longer have a chakra cost (example: sharingan,byakugan etc) and all clan moves (elemental based, like an uchiha katon moves don't count, but say wood release would, so combination elements count) get 1/2 off A rank and under. In addition to the +3 extra S rank moves.

Option 3. Titan's Blood - A momentous user gains an extra +2 S rank moves to use, in addition to his +3 already. As well as a reduction in all non-elemental ninjutsu of 1/2 A rank and lower.

Option 4. Old Ways - A momentous user is extra studious in the ways of ninjutsu, and adhears to the old ways. He gets 1/2 off A rank and under ninjutsu, and an extra S rank move

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