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 You... will... die

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You... will... die Chuunin
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PostSubject: You... will... die   You... will... die EmptyMon Oct 21, 2013 4:50 pm

Nike the Destroyer wrote:
You... will... die ZS1pLXA0ZVBRZlkx_o_naruto-shippuden-4th-great-ninja-war-part-4

Plot Announcement and Information

The time has come for the ninja world to tremble at the might of the most powerful forces in the land. Massive beasts of pure chakra, with intentions to destroy, kill, maim and be the greatest threat to the ninja world as of yet. In a time before the time, foolish individuals though to seal the bijuu, to lock them away. But there prison has broken, and so too have the shackles of there mind. The remember what sealing does, they remember the horror of it all, and they know how to counteract it. No longer are they to be tamed by mere ninja moves, no longer able to be the play thing of Mangekyou Sharingan, or of Senju's. They are coming back with a vengeance.

The Bijuu are attacking, or have attacked, or will attack. Much is unknown, what is certain is that you will die. There is an inevitable sense of doom and dread when they appear. Stand against them and face the possibility that you will be killed. Run and you may be killed, flee and you might survive to live another day. Stand together and there might be hope, but the shackles that have held these beasts are loose, and no high up administrative powers can protect the innocent genin or chuunin. They will face the slaughter as us all do. Do not think you are invincible, do not hide behind other's, either stand tall, or run, run away.

What does this mean for me, my character and the ninja world to date?

The possibility to stand against a bijuu together is improbable, to stand alone against them is suicide. They have massive chakra, more than any ninja around, more than what has ever been seen on the forum. Don't think that because you hit them with a single S rank move is over, don't think that one fuuinjutsu will stop them, even if you have a master or two around. Think about it, really, they have more chakra than you, and a group of ninja combined, that fuuinjutsu will have to over power a bijuu, not just hit it but over power it. Like throwing a pokeball at a legendary with full health, you'll never catch it boyo.

So, will I die?

If you don't run, possibly, if you "hide" in the village, definitely, if you fight it, most likely. But don't fret, the object of the bijuu is to test your resolve, your skills, and at the end of the day, clean house. So, wondering about all that work you put in to be lost in a moment. That's life, especially a ninja's life. But we aren't so cruel to let you die empty handed. There is something else in the universe almost as powerful as a bijuu, a admin decision. (ALMOST, not entirely)

Some information

Lets start positive, lets say you are so awesome you and your village stop the village, not capture it, not defeat it, but stop its rampage. You will be rewarded 2 S rank, and 2 A rank missions, and everyone who participated and lived will get a chance to rank up automatically.

But lets be realistic, and say most of you die. Here is what the power of the admin's has decreed.

Death, in battle

  • You earn half the reward for a S rank Plot mission, wow huh. But your dead right? It goes towards your next character. Money, experience included
  • You start with all the experience you currently have added to your next character. So if you die with 500 your next character starts with 500.
  • If you start as a genin, you get double the starting experience, along with the previous listed item.

    This is the most important change
  • If you start as a genin, you can pick any minor nation to join. Yes there aren't any major nations to join. Pick a minor nation, you start out there, in a small remote corner with your parents, or alone wandering. Just no previous affiliations with any major village. None, no "I left Konoha" no "I was born in Kirigakure". When you do this, you get an extra 50,000 ryu and 150 experience.

The minor nations are broke, in ruins, especially considering the major villages that own them are being decimated by a bijuu, the money and support have run out. Bandits roam the land, and those few ninja MUST band together to survive, and possible thrive.

This is a chance to start fresh, revive the minor nations, and become a powerful force to the world. Don't blow it by joining a major nation only to get eaten by the bijuu. We want to see you, the members, the players start from the bottom and build a nation, to create your own major village, and become a powerful force. Hopefully with this new attitude, you someday can withstand the onslaught of the bijuu. But until then, gather your friends, your comrades, take over another land for yourself, establish a true government and hidden ninja village. Face the world together.

This is the announcement I wish to post when the bijuu attack begins. With the new mission rules (NPC) and a few other tweaks, starting over should be amazing, especially since we want to redo the weapon and summon system. This offer's a great chance without a "revamp" and "restart". I purposefully left out starting at higher ranks, just because... I haven't decided if I want to include it. So I'm asking you two, my besties.

TRUST ME this will do the trick for plot and site help for a LONG LONG time.
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You... will... die
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