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 Yin Release

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Yin Release

【 Yin Release 】
【 What is it Really? 】
└Inton┘The Yin Release (陰遁, Inton; Viz "Dark Style" or "Shadow Style") techniques, based on the spiritual energy that governs the imagination, can be used to create form out of nothingness.
【 What is it here? 】
└Genjutsu, Sensory ┘ Yin Release is more about darkness and intangibility of one's chakra. The freedom and creativity of ones imagination and using ones spiritual energy to capitalize on it and create form out of nothingness. Are all genjutsu's Yin Release? No, heaven's no. Are all sensory Yin Release. Of course not. But Yin Release is a part of genjutsu's and sensory. Just like Yang Release is apart of Ijutsu and Taijutsu. For starters Yin Release is an element. It has strength's and weaknesses just like every other. However, its outside the primordial wheel of Katon, Futon, Raiton, Doton, Suiton, but is also apart of them. Consider the primordial elements as X/Y on a grid, with Yin and Yang release being the Z aspect of it. Intercepting but different.

【 History 】
└A Little Background┘  For starters, Yin Release users are extremely uncommon. In fact, those born with Yin Release are described to be sinister, secretive and unholy. Perhaps it is society and perhaps it is themselves, but Yin Release users often become extremely secretive and sinister ninja. Very Powerful and very

【 Yin Release Description 】
└How Does it Work?┘  Basically, in the coming weeks' you'll see several changes to various clans. From the obvious Dark Release, to the not so obvious Hozuki and of course Nara. Lets start begin with the easiest to answer questions. No, Yin and Yang release will not be achievable in the foreseeable future. You may have one, you may have the other, but you can never have both. Yin Release does not work with advance nature KKGs, which is hard for people to understand. You can't "obtain" Yin Release or Yang Release as an aside element, it doesn't work in that circumstance. Yin and Yang Release here function as a intermediary between Advance Element KKG's, and Hidan clans. They are an element, but also a clan function. Yes, you can create your own KKG based on using Yin or Yang release, but remember, no Fire and no Lightning elements can be used. However, there will be very harsh conditions for such clans. They must follow the guidelines stated previously, and users must also follow the combat styles listed. A Yin Release user can not have Ijutsu combat styles, period. Just like a Yang Release user can not have sensory combat styles, period. You may be tempted to say canon, but this is just the way it is here.

Yin Release users are NOT going to be able to use Nara techniques if they are NOT of the Nara clan. Nor can they use "any and all" genjutsu because that is the main combative style of Yin Release users. Yin Release Techniques have a very specific chakra control to use and combining such things regresses the Yin Release to the point of non-existence.

【 Form/Uses】
└Genjutsu┘  Yin Release and Genjutsu go hand in hand, genjutsu's that are created with the Yin Release subnote, are much harder to

[size=11]└Sensory┘Yin Release users can extend there sensory range by 1/4 the max amount for that particular rank. And each sensory techniques takes an add 2 posts before an additional upkeep is needed to be paid.

【 Strengths and Weaknesses 】
└Weakness┘Yin Release is known as Inton, or Dark Style. Its not technically a element but is affected and weak against elements. Yin Release is weak against Fire and Lightning Release, and can never be combined with them. Both Fire and Lightning Release's produce light, which destroys Yin Release techniques. Yin Release is equal to Yang and Earth Release. Yin Release is particularly weak against Taijutsu and Ijutsu, and when in combat against them, takes a -1 rank penalty should moves be used against them. (As such, a taijutsu move at A rank, would be considered S rank when hitting a Yin Release user). A Yin Release user can not be healed by Ijutsu techniques, this is the downside to being a Yin Release user. Yin Release is neutral against ninjutsu and fuuinjutsu. Yin Release is not weak against Yang Release (By itself)  

└Strengths┘ Yin Release is known as Inton, or Dark Style. Its not technically a element but is affected and strong against elements. Yin Release is strong against Water and Wind Release, and is most often paired with them. Both Water and Wind Release are easy mediums for shadows/dark style to travel through, and don't hinder Yin Release moves, but empower them. Yin Release is equal to Yang and Earth Release. Yin Release is particularly strong with Genjutsu's and Sensory, and when used in combination with them, grant them a +1 to rank. Yin Release users can also hide very easily from sensory users, someone with no sensory can hide from a basic, and a basic can hide from an adept, and a adept can hide from a master. A Master in sensory can hide from any ranked sensory skills, save those by contact style. Yin Release is not strong against Yang Release (By itself)

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Yin Release
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