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 How S-Rank Jutsu's work

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How S-Rank Jutsu's work Chuunin
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How S-Rank Jutsu's work Empty
PostSubject: How S-Rank Jutsu's work   How S-Rank Jutsu's work EmptyTue Dec 03, 2013 1:48 pm

What are S-Rank and how to they differ?

S-Rank's are potent moves utilized by ninja. They come in three forms, the standard S-Rank, which is generally applied everywhere. S-Rank Kinjutsu which are unique, and powerful moves that can easily trump generic S rank moves. And S-Rank Factor, which are potent S-Rank moves that have a continued cost or lasting effect, or take a large supply of chakra.

What are generic S-Rank moves?

Generic S-Rank moves are moves that powerful and potent, stronger than A ranked moves, but are weaker than S-Rank Factor and weaker than S-Rank Kinjutsu moves. S-Rank moves are still powerful and dangerous, however they are often available to most ninja.

What are S-Rank Kinjutsu?

S-Rank Kinjutsu for starters are always labeled blue, to denote there status as powerful moves. For starters, S-Rank Kinjutsu are moves that go above the normal S-rank into secretive and powerful ones. Things like Lightning Release Armor, Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks, Edo Tensai and Earth Grudge Fear are all moves that would fit into the S-Rank Kinjutsu category. When combating such moves, it is important to note that generic S-Rank moves fail against them, though in some cases may weaken them significantly. Such moves labeled as S-Rank Kinjutsu, to effectively counteract them, need to have studied and created moves to specifically target them. S-Rank Kinjutsu moves can't be absorbed by S-Rank Factor style moves, nor generic S-Rank moves. An example of breaking would be, Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks, would put out the flames of Amaterasu, but Earth Release: Sandwich Technique, which is also S-Rank Kinjutsu would effectively stop the Water Release: A Thousand Feeding Sharks.

  • S-Rank Kinjutsu moves can not be copied/taught/acquired through mind "eating" style jutsu's
  • There are several S-Rank Kinjutsu moves that are limited to a certain number of people, this shall be respected and adhered too

What are S-Rank Factor Moves?

S-Rank Factor are jutsu's that would be considered SS-rank class on many other sites. They fall into being powerful and potent, and rely more on sheer strength and amount of chakra, rather than unique and deadly things. If there is any confusion, what the difference is, its the cost of chakra, or the upkeep cost. Limelight, Kirin and Earth Release: Corpse Soil fall into S-Rank factor moves. Limelight takes 4 S rank moves to utilize, so the technique is a S-Rank Factor when used all together, as there has yet to be anything that survives such a powerful move. C0 which is an explosive release move that stores chakra for 3 posts before exploding would be a S-Rank Factor move. Such moves usually have a post charge, or a large amount of upkeep cost. Castle Closing Eight Gates would be an example of the latter, as it takes a S rank every 3 posts to maintain. 36 Layer Self Repairing barrier is an example of another one. S-Rank Factor are moves that, as such, once utilized are near unstoppable. Such as, once used Limelight would destroy and kill anyone within a 10 Kilometer square/rectangle. S-Rank Kinjutsu moves are unable to counteract there effects, even things like Susanoo and the likes wouldn't stand up against them. However, there are limits, as S-Rank Factors can stop other S-Rank Factors, Izanagi for example, Two Bijuu balls on the 36 Layer Self Repairing barrier, and such things (Combinations of S rank moves to overpower the total cost of S-Rank Factor, or two or more S-Rank Kinjutsu moves). All in all, S-Rank Factor usually come with a death wish, and are extremely potent and costly. They leave the user fatigued for 2 posts after use (or users in some cases) and at times are instant death. C0 and such moves, suicide moves. S-Rank Factor moves can't be redirected or absorbed by any means, nor can they be shunted with inventions and such.

  • S-Rank Factor moves can not be copied/taught/acquired through mind "eating" style jutsu's
  • There are several S-Rank Factor moves that are limited to a certain number of people, this shall be respected and adhered too
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How S-Rank Jutsu's work
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