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 Ninja Point System and Learning

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The Queen

The Queen

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PostSubject: Ninja Point System and Learning   Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:01 pm

On our site, we have done away with countless posts for learning a jutsu. As we feel that system lends itself to abuse quickly, with people taking training from other sites, as well as rehashing old training threads, to down right stealing another words. We have chosen too instead go with a system that we call Ninja Point system. Which is based on a more steadfast system for earning, training and learning jutsu's. For starters, ninja earn Ninja Points or NP through posting, being a regular member and keeping up with role-playing. These points are a culmination of the experienced earned through being a ninja, as well as those earned from role-playing. Along with the day to day ramifications of being a ninja in a hostile world.

Ninja use Ninja Points (NP) to purchase and learn things like jutsu's, summons, clan techniques, elements and a host of other things. Upon purchasing them, an administrator will subtract the points from the user's count and the user can then venture out into the world. Purchases made with Ninja Points can not be actively used in current threads, and all things purchased using such points can only be used in threads created AFTER the purchase has been approved.

Finally, there will be one Co-Admin with final say on Ninja Points. They are there to handle such cases as refunds, and general updates and misunderstandings. This Co-Admin has final say, and all refunds, and updates must have there approval. Normal Co-admins can NOT approval transactions that fall under this category, as well there is no "going" over there head to the founder or trying to veto there decision. They were chosen for this task, specifically, and it is there job specifically.
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The Queen

The Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Ninja Point System and Learning   Sat Dec 07, 2013 12:07 pm

Purchasing Jutsu -
In order to obtain jutsu, you must spend the amount of Ninja Points given below. This amount will be subtracted from your total amount upon approval of your Character Update.

  • E-Rank - 20 NP
  • D-Rank - 45 NP
  • C-Rank - 75 NP
  • B-Rank - 150 NP
  • A-Rank - 250 NP
  • S-Rank - 500 NP
  • S-Rank Kinjutsu - 750 NP
  • S-Rank Factor - 1,000 NP

Information on Genin's and high ranking techniques

Genin are incapable of learning S-Rank + techniques on their own. They must be taught by a Jounin or higher ranking shinobi. Remember, those techniques are of the most lethal of jutsu.

Also, by getting taught by a sensei, a genin's experience is doubled per post.

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The Queen

The Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Ninja Point System and Learning   Tue Dec 10, 2013 12:38 pm

Training first and foremost is a way younger and more inexperienced ninja learn powerful moves or unique jutsu's. When training someone, it is important to note that you can't train someone in something you don't possess, meaning you can't train someone in a jutsu you yourself do not possess. It is also important to note that when training someone, they also have to purchase the jutsu you are trying to train them in, however its at half cost. When training genin's, they receive double the experience. And when training someone of your rank or higher, no one receives any bonuses. When training someone, follow the guidelines below for how many posts it takes to train someone. Also, note that each of you must do half of posts, and the jutsu in training MUST be used.   

The Training System is only for teaching genin and other ninja custom or unique techniques you process, it is not applicable to everyone.

  • E-Rank - 4 Posts
  • D-Rank - 5 Posts
  • C-Rank - 6 Posts
  • B-Rank - 8 Posts
  • A-Rank - 10 Posts
  • S-Rank - 15 Posts
  • S-Rank Kinjutsu - 18 Posts
  • S-Rank Factor - 20 Posts

Training to increase your chakra-
Wanting to increase your chakra supply is something everyone wants to do at some point in time. Wither its to squeeze out that last drop of chakra, to wanting to create a perfect combination of moves. However, if everyone wants to do it, it becomes rather a ineffective way to differentiate yourself from others. Some members think nothing of writing large posts, while others struggle with 500 words. On our site, we tried to be fair to both sides, we have developed a system that depends both on your own ability to write as well as some structure.  


  • Members are unable to gain more chakra than the next rank above them, however reaching S rank leaves it open to the sky
  • Each increase only happens in 10 Point "leaps"
  • Each "leap" increases the word count by 200 words, which can quickly become overwhelming
  • Starting out, the word count is 500 words.
  • You must put the word [Training] in the title of the post, and must specific the word count at the end of each post
  • Extra words aren't stacked against future training (meaning writing 645 words doesn't allow your next training to be 145 words less)
  • Each post must contain the minimum amount of words, and can't be spread out in multiple posts.
  • Each time a member ranks up, the word count decreases by 400 words at the start of a new cycle (but not lower than 500)

An example of this in action

Person A writes a training post, 500 words, increases there CR by 10

Person A writes another training post, this time its 700 words, increasing there CR by an additional 10

Person A writes another training post, this time its 900 words, increasing there CR by an additional 10

As you can see, it quickly increases, for just 30 extra CR its 2,200 words. You can imagine how to get more and more it would be difficult.

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The Queen

The Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Ninja Point System and Learning   Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:43 pm

Summons and the Rules-
Summons are a great way to show a unique and fun aspect of your character. However, summons are powerful contracts signed by yourself and a specific style of animal/beast. All summons have a contract signed and carried around by the user. Each summon has a specific condition or unique obligation that it gets for fighting and helping ninja. Summons aren't free, extra beasts of burden that ninja can use to powerhouse through things. They are signed as mutual partners, or at times unwilling partners. All summons have a specific amount of chakra, as well as starting jutsu's pool and a duration they can last. Also to be noted, the same summons can't be called out in a topic.

Purchasing Summons

  • D-Rank - 140 NP
  • C-Rank - 250 NP
  • B-Rank - 400 NP
  • A-Rank - 550 NP
  • S-Rank - 700 NP

Summons Chakra Resources

  • D-Rank - 80 CR
  • C-Rank - 150 CR
  • B-Rank - 200 CR
  • A-Rank - 250 CR
  • S-Rank - 350 CR

Summons Duration

  • D-Rank - 25 Posts
  • C-Rank - 22 Posts
  • B-Rank - 20 Posts
  • A-Rank - 18 Posts
  • S-Rank - 15 Posts

Summons Starting NP

  • D-Rank - 300 NP
  • C-Rank - 400 NP
  • B-Rank - 500 NP
  • A-Rank - 600 NP
  • S-Rank - 700 NP

Summoning Rules

  1. Summons can have only one element
  2. When a summon runs out of chakra, it is desummoned back to its home. And takes can no longer be summoned for the remainder of the battle/invasion
  3. Summons can die, however they usually are desummoned when in critical condition
  4. Summons must be one one family, and large families will be relegated to individual species.
  5. As of this point in time, there are no mythical or construct style summons (Mech warriors, dragons, giant iron flying faces)
  6. All summons have one specialty and one sub-specialty, except for S rank, which has one mastered specialty and one specialty.  
  7. Summons must have a common theme among there specialties, creating summons to cover every specialty and such will result in a completed contract.
  8. At this point in time, one person can hold only one summon contract
  9. Human Puppets can't use summons
  10. Summons must respect the boundaries set and have a finite range. (They must stay in your current sub-board)

Concerning Hand-seals and casting jutsu's-

Summons may, or may not have ways to cast jutsu's and utilize techniques. At times, it may seem like an impossibility, how can a fish utilize a jutsu that has handsigns. Some sites change this up and say summons that don't have hands, can't use jutsu's that require handsigns, others say there is a charge time. For us, its rather simple, if the summon can't utilize the handsigns, it takes the same amount of time as it would take a member of said summons specialty to complete the handsigns. This is to prevent "instant" casting. Should issues arise, if a member makes no attempt to inform a member that it isn't "instant" or tries to circumvent it, then the jutsu in question will be voided.

Completed Contract-
A completed summon contract is required for a few things on this site. The first and foremost being sage mode, requires a completed summon contract. Also, trying to circumvent and get every specialty or "load up on chakra" from a summon will result in a staff forced completed contract. A completed contract is just that, its completed. Which it to say, you can't add anything else to it, from jutsu's, to new summons, to anything. The contract as it stands is finished. You can not also break the contract at that point, or wish to do away with it to get another "new" one after you have completed something like Sage Mode or have been forced. Its completed and your stuck with it.  


  • Completed Contract is finished for and all who use that summoning contract
  • You can not purchase any jutsu's or additional summons for your contract
  • Only in true death (not even edo) does your contract end
  • Attempting to do away with your contract to obtain a new one, will result in loss of summons, and anything gained from having a completed contract

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The Queen

The Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Ninja Point System and Learning   Tue Dec 17, 2013 10:56 am

Completing Missions grants additional ninja points to be paid out upon an update. Failure to complete a mission results in no payment. Missions are considered the bread and butter on how much each ninja gets during a mission. They are the major way people earn points on the site. Completing a certain rank of mission earns a ninja this many ninja points.

  • D-Rank - 30 NP
  • C-Rank - 50 NP
  • B-Rank - 80 NP Posts
  • A-Rank - 120 NP
  • S-Rank - 150 NP
  • S-Rank Kinjutsu - 200 NP <--- These Missions are decided by staff

Bonus Conditions-
Some missions are standard, basic NPC style ones that have little to do with any threat of danger, others are so engrossed in it that its hard not to come by it. Here are the basic conditions to receive additional Ninja Points as well as how they may operate. They are stackable  


  • Plot Related Event - +50 NP
  • Staff Created Missions - + 25 NP
  • Capturing a base of operations - +40 NP
  • Attacking a Major Nation - +50 NP
  • Killing Reward -
  • Capturing Reward -
  • Saving someones life - +20 NP (Must be dying and/or at deaths door)
  • Training your squad - +10 NP (per every member trained, remember training means they learned something)
  • Taking your squad on a mission - +20 NP (Just additional)
  • Taking over a Major Nation - +300 NP (For ever major nation)
  • Obtaining a legendary item, object etc al - +50 NP (at staff's digression)
  • Capturing a missing ninja/organization ninja - +30 NP
  • Killing a missing ninja/organization ninja - +20 NP

Finally, to note there are a few things that deny such bonus conditions.

  • Calling a 48 Hour Hit denies any/all bonus conditions
  • Killing a ninja that was captured (this includes knowing/letting him die)
  • Failing the mission
  • Missing Ninja do not get rewards based on capturing/killing other missing ninja
  • Killing to harvest (This is at staff digression)
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PostSubject: Re: Ninja Point System and Learning   

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Ninja Point System and Learning
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