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 Combat Topics

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The Queen

The Queen

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PostSubject: Combat Topics   Fri Dec 20, 2013 6:29 pm

On any site about anime, generally fighting is involved. Especially in Naruto, where half the techniques are used to kill, and the other half are set up to get you killed. Here, we tend to be pretty liberal with how killing works. Generally, we favor two standards. The first being, tie goes to the defender. Life is preferred over death. Those two things are generally how we walk into handling conflicts and battles, and staff have those two things in mind, so should you. But we are not averse to killing, nor are we going to mince words and try to create a site where death isn't apart of it.

This topic covers the basic and most important aspects of how battles operate, how death operates and other such topic's. We try to be as liberal as possible, while making sure everyone gets a fair chance too state there opinions and views. I just want to say, if you follow the procedure, such things go very smooth and transpire very quickly. Those who try and force there way/view often times take much longer and are way move involved than just following our guidelines.
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The Queen

The Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Topics   Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:14 pm

Conflict Resolution

Conflict breeds arrogance, prideful, boastful and very negative attitudes on sites. Ego's clash, people attack with teeth, claws and anything else they can just to stave off death for another day. They also do the same to try and get someone to die. On our site, we use a method that both encourages the parties involved to talk, but make sure its in accordance to our rules, as well as maintains a polite and ensuring everyone is using manners.

  • For starters, please limit it to one conflict topic per topic involved. This means, should multiple issues arise in a single topic, there will be only one topic in the resolution center.
  • Only members involved in the conflict may post, this includes everyone present in the topic.
  • One admin and one moderator will review and make a uniform judgement.

On our site, we generally like to keep things moving, and trade our perfect outcomes for ones that are swifter. Many sites tend to get bogged down in minute technicalities that members try to utilize to garner an advantage. So we have evolved into a system of if it fits it ships so to speak.

  • Member present there evidence, staff reads, members can rebuttal if they choose
  • Any/all personal attacks will NOT be tolerated, both on the site, in the chatbox or through pm's.
  • All discussion about it shall be limited to the conflict resolution center. Any words on the chatbox about it will result in a kick with/without warning.
  • Insulting/flaming and degrading staff based on the outcome or judgements results in a punishment of up to 1/4 of your Ninja Points removed. Extreme cases can see punishments of up to 100 chakra resources removed from your character permanently.

Finally, a lot of the times, people try and squeeze the blood dry from something. They try a shotgun approach, where they give 500 points to bog down the rational of a situation. We don't allow this, points must be relevant to the topic at hand, as well has have clear cited evidence. Metaphors or analogies don't cut it. Our site uses a clear cut point system to determine who is right in a fight.

We try and do our best, mistakes happen, and outcomes become blurred. Sometimes even time passes before something occurs, and we try and quell such misunderstandings. We can't get everything right, nor can we please everyone. We ask our participants to hold themselves to a higher standard than most sites do. We don't tolerate personal attacks or insulting people, from anyone. We don't want to enforce things, but some people seem to think that they are too good or too powerful to be anything but the best. We ask that everyone understand that mistakes happen, and death can happen. But we also ask, those asking for death, or forcing the issue on us, be prepared to take death off the table. Especially if we start seeing 2,3,4 or more topic's where the main issue involves the same people over and over again. We don't like having to solve conflicts, it causes tension and bad feelings, and the more conflict someone causes, the more trouble it becomes. There reaches a point, for everyone and every site, where someone is more trouble than they are worth. Please keep this in mind.

Note: I'm putting this at the end, and I do so for a very good reason. If we start seeing multiple topic's concerning you, and your killing people. And we notice a strange trend of you not taking any damage, getting hit at all, and just generally being "invincible". We reserve the right to deny your claim based on the simple fact. You can't dodge everything forever, and forever is multiple topic's and your entire time on the site. This isn't just about you, its a actual human thing. Just like most car accidents happen within 5 miles of your place of residency, its because people grow lax, they start not paying attention. You may think, well being a ninja is different. But driving a 1,500 pound brick at 50+ miles per hour, you'd assume people would be paying attention, but they don't. So just keep that in mind the next time you start a conflict resolution.
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The Queen

The Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Topics   Fri Dec 20, 2013 7:53 pm

Calling Hits

Calling a hit does not require staff approval. What does require staff approval if it the called shot is sent to conflict resolution. There is a large different between calling a hit, and having the hit stand. And a even larger difference between having a hit stand, and killing someone. In general we like to follow a liberal approach to calling a hit.

  • If a member does not post within 48 hours they can be skipped.
  • If a member is skipped, they take the called hits
  • Should those hits result in death, after 48 hours, the called hit stands
  • If a hit is called, and stands, a member can not appeal the hit at a later time
  • If a hit would not kill someone, they are simple not killed
  • Any posts found to have edited the hit to make it more lethal will have there post voided
  • A member has 48 hours after a called hit to send it to conflict resolution. If the member fails to send it to conflict resolution, the hit stands.

Voided Posts

There are times when a post is to be voided. It can happen through meta-gaming or meta-knowledge. It happens through not following posting order or even because of misunderstandings with staff.

When a post is voided, it is to be redone, within 48 hours from the time of voiding. If it is not redone within that time, then that member is to be skipped. If multiple posts are voided, each member has 48 hours from the last time someone posted.
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The Queen

The Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Topics   Fri Dec 20, 2013 8:16 pm


Invading another country or land can be extremely useful and is often times a popular way for ninja to claim some sweet rewards. However, invasions are known to be long drawn out sieges of places, and tend to drag well into the month or two month range. Most people seek to invade for resources, to take over, or to simple raze it to the ground. There are several paths to take, but in general they follow such guidelines.

  • All Invasion Topic's must must have the specific tag in the title [Invasion][Take Over][Razing]
  • Such topics will be monitored heavier than others, this is to prevent dastardly things from happening.
  • To seize a minor land, it requires a 5 day period, in which villages, ninja and such will send out forces in an effort to stop you.
  • When being invaded, all restoration, updates and completed missions are put on hold until the invasion is resolved.
  • When a major village is being invaded, new ninja are not allowed to join it, a lot of cheapness happens during invasions, and we strive to prevent it.

The biggest issue people have with our system is that. Doing nothing, earns nothing. To take over a minor nation, or land, and no one stops you, and you wait for 5 days for nothing. Well, your actually doing nothing, contrary to popular belief. Staff doesn't have tons of time to role-play NPC's for you to fight against every time a minor land is attacked. This can cause ruffled feathers and jimmies when no one shows up to engage you in a fight, but the truth is, without any danger, how can you even comprehend a reward. You don't get any rewards if no one shows up to stop you, but you do get a small payout.

When taking over a minor land/nation and 5 days has elapsed, and no opposing force has shown up to stop you. You don't achieve your goal in taking over the nation/land, but you do get a nice payout of 750,000 ryu. Which is just enough the minor little hamlet you were bothering pays you to go away.


There are times when razing a land comes to mind. Which is the total destruction of a place, which comes in with our ever popular "village destroying" moves. Which aren't allowed BTW.

Razing a place takes a lot of effort, and takes a lot of ingenuity to accomplish. It also makes it 2-3 times harder for people to rebuild the place after its been razed to the ground. Here are our guidelines for razing.

  • Razing Topic's must have the title [Raze] in them
  • Razing reduces large sections of the city to rubble and debris. Generally there are 4 districts to each major nation, and 2 districts to very minor nation.
  • You must raze each district in order to completely raze a nation
  • Razing takes 5 days of uninterrupted demolition. Each time/district, the razing is put on hold while you defeat those who wish to stop you from razing.
  • You cannot raze a place to which no one stopped you, sorry but we just can't allow such cheap and easy routes.
  • To Raze a major nation, the Kage and/or highest ranking members need to be killed/captured first. (Unless they run of course)
  • Once a place has been razed to the ground, to rebuild/repair it, costs twice as much per minor nation, and 3 times as much per major nation.
  • Places that have been razed, are no longer options to join when starting new characters.

Take Overs

The interesting thing about taking over a place, is that it is a heavily involved process, that just doesn't end because the Lord's head is on a stick. It takes work and effort to capture a city, then to force it to listen to your rules, and even longer for people to not think of rebellion.

  • In order to take over a nation, you must have 5 days of uninterrupted claim
  • The words [Take Over] must be in the topic title
  • The kage and/or highest ranking members have been killed prior to the claim. (They can run too)
  • Any/all current missions done prior to the take over, are lost in the ensuing chaos. Meaning they don't get the reward
  • 1/2 of all village funds go to maintaining order, and are lost during the take over (This is not something preventable, consider it the greed of the common folk)
  • Placing a puppet in power is acceptable, however the puppet needs to be of sufficient rank/prestige (Which can be a problem when you just killed the highest ranking people)
  • If the Kage's and/or highest ranking member flee's, the village loses 3/4's of its funds. Should the Kage and/or highest ranking member be subsequently captured and killed, that number is lessened to 1/2
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The Queen

The Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Topics   Mon Dec 23, 2013 6:47 pm


Death comes swift to those who are foolish enough to walk in its path - Some book some dude wrote

On our site, death is a semi-permanent state. There are a few ways to be revived, Edo Tensai, some sort of reincarnation jutsu, or a life transference techniques.

We don't do the whole "restarting" your character, or some plot to fight your way from the depths of where-ever ninja go when they die. When you die, you die and that character is gone. We won't beat around the bush, dying can be a real drag. So, we've lessened the pain a little bit, and built in some rules to go along with it.

  • When your died, you get 1/2 of your current (At time of death) ninja points go towards your next character.
  • When you die, you lose all techniques, items, money, 1/2 of your ninja points, your skills and any/all remaining skill points. None of this transfers
  • If you start out as a genin, you can take 3/4's of your ninja points, and put them towards your next character.

Information about starting a new character after death of a previous one

  • You are not allowed to start off in the same village as your previous (now dead) character
  • You are not allowed to be in the same clan as your previous (now dead) character
  • There are to be no copies of your previous (now dead) character. Meaning, no similar, no taking the personality from one to another. Also, your new character has no knowledge of the deceased one.
  • Your new character can not be apart of any organizations your previous (now dead) character was apart of.

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The Queen

The Queen

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PostSubject: Re: Combat Topics   Tue Dec 31, 2013 12:54 pm

Being Invaded/Attacked

There comes a time when someone or several people are attacking you and your village. Quite possible your the one doing it. Such topic's, don't want for anyone, nor does the village wait on baited breath to make sure everyone is active. On our site, we do frown on people magically becoming active during a invasion, and then returning to inactivity afterwards, but this comes with the territory. Here is the information as follows

  • Updating and joining a village during an invasion, battle or such isn't allowed.
  • When your attacking a village, you can not update during such a time.
  • Going on an absence, either when your attacking or defending will result in it being denied. Same for inactivity, or trying to store your character in our bank.
  • Please remember, that reactivating your character during an invasion also isn't allowed.
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PostSubject: Re: Combat Topics   

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Combat Topics
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