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 Jutsu Rules and Template

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Jutsu Rules and Template Chuunin
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PostSubject: Jutsu Rules and Template   Jutsu Rules and Template EmptySat Mar 10, 2012 5:36 pm

Custom Jutsu Rules

  1. All Ninjutsu must have hand signs, in general the higher the rank, the more handsigns
  2. S-Rank Kinjutsu and S-Rank Factor will be decided on by staff
  3. Use the proper template for the indicated Jutsu
  4. Custom Jutsu that do/are copies of canonical ones can/will be denied based solely on being copies.
  5. Any custom jutsu that is a copy of a S-Ranked Kinjutsu or Factor will be automatically denied
  6. No village destroying Jutsu
  7. Range is very important, village covering jutsu's need a high rank and upkeep cost
  8. Every jutsu lists says "which are its weaknesses" please fill this out
  9. All Genjutsu need a trigger and to state how many it can target as well as its duration
  10. Fuuinjutsu need to state what they are sealing and unsealing
  11. All jutsu must be approved and purchased before use

Jutsu Ranges
Jutsu's all have ranges, when creating custom jutsu's its potent to remember that jutsu's need ranges, and on our site we use meters to denote what the ranges are. To give a refresher on what our standard definitions mean for canonical descriptions.

Short Range - 5-15 Meters
Mid Range - 15-35 Meters
Long Range - 35-75 Meters

The larger the range the higher the rank.


Name: (The name of the jutsu goes here. Japanese names need a translation as well.)
Rank: (The Rank of the said jutsu. The ranks go from E to S, with S being the Rank for the strongest techniques.)
Range: (Range of the technique, use meters please.)
Type: (Is the technique a Ninjutsu, Sensory, Medical, Fuuinjutsu, Genjutsu etc)
Hand-signs: (What are the handsigns associated with this technique)
Note:(Is there anything to note, such as a weapon needed, what element it is, how many targets)
Description: (The description of the technique. What does it do? Which are its weaknesses? A detailed description is required to be placed here.)

This is the code:

[b]Name: [/b]
[b]Rank: [/b]
[b]Range: [/b]
[b]Type: [/b]
[b]Handsigns: [/b]
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Jutsu Rules and Template
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