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What... what... what is that thing... stoAHHRRGGGGUUGGG
~Nishimura Clan~ Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTYc8x4x2W61oQLkUEDmYHZs3_OhGgVdH1m6hhplFRrhk25giTU

【 Bloodline Limit Information 】
【 NAME 】
└Meiton┘Meiton is an advanced nature kekkei genkai that can be used to absorb, manipulate, and release chakra taken from an opponent. Most wielders of this nature use techniques of this nature through a mark on their left hand that resembles two diamonds, one overlapping the other. Chakra is absorbed through the upper square, while it is released and manipulated through the lower. It is unknown what elements this nature entails.
【 Clan Element(s) 】
└Suiton+Katon = Meiton┘ The Nishimura clan hail from the deep caves of Iwagakure and Kumogakure. They combine the the dark gloomy nature of Suiton, and the burning of Katon into something more sinister. They use there new found ways to create Meiton, a gloomy and dark type of chakra. Through careful understanding and development, they have created a multitude of effects through there Dark Release, from absorbing and expelling chakra, to binding and holding an enemy. All members have two diamond shapes on one of there hands, overlapping each other. They can be of various colors.    

【 History 】
└Will-o-Wisp┘  Some call them the ones who came before the breaking, other's call them the fury that sweeps the land every few hundred years. The truth is, both of these things are not precise, but mildly accurate. First off, the Nishimura create and gave many many things to the world, they are considered the if not mothers, fathers of the Nara clan, giving rise to there twisted use of shadows. They are also perhaps ancestors of the Uzumaki clan, for there famed ability as sealing and chakra chains.

There story is a short one, they are born from the legends of old. While some ninja became great warriors, other remained stuck to the shadows, destined to remain at there lords side. Nations started to rise, and the fall of such traditions was slowly being etched away. Clans bickered and went into war, the Nishimura were no different, they fought against there rivals, and soundly lost. Hoshi clan forced them to disband and the nation of Kumogakure turned its back to them. That small hatred has burned for centuries, however that is not the main story of them all.

Many moons later, the Nishimura clan made for a power grab in Iwagakure, there techniques all but forgotten about, creating the legend of the raiding ninja every 100 years, but in truth, it happened only once, however the struggle lasted for decades. Between the Nishimura and Kurai clans, a raging battle was held over roughly 15 years. At first, it started with tribal raids, attacking small outcrops of people, here and there for a few years. Before building into taking over a town, or a small village. It was at this point, we see the beginnings of the Iwagakure Legend being told, one which historians dare not repeat. The Nishimura fought like the Senju and Uchiha, at first there was a truce between them, but the Kurai clan soon grew afraid of a uprising, and they were perhaps right. One does one if history took a turn if the Senju/Uchiha would ended up like this. Before the laid plans of the Kurai came to fruition, the Nishimura attacked, decimating there ranks with long forgotten and dangerous techniques, the Kurai fought bravely, but were forced into submission. The rule did not stop there, the Nishimura used there dark chakra to bind the Kurai, and there fuuinjutsu to swear loyalty, a force which was used during the great war for horrible consequences.

With Iwagakure lost, its cities in ruins and people scattered, the Nishimura once again took the mantle of wanderers, of people hidden in the shade.

【 Bloodline Description 】
└Chains of Fate┘  Meiton Release, or Dark Release allows the user to convert chakra into dark release. The users can firstly create and manipulate dark chakra ropes with the only effect of absorbing chakra. They can also manipulate there chakra into a ghostly dark blue flame, that while it doesn't directly damage an opponent, it blows them away while at the same time draining there chakra. To which, most Meiton users attach seals on there opponents to bind them into oaths and swear loyalty, imposing dark marks on them.

【 Form/Uses】
└Dark Marks┘  Users of Meiton often specialize in fuuinjutsu, as there sealing techniques are consider par none, most consider them the fathers of the Uzumaki clan in terms of how there seals work. Meiton users formulate there seals different, instead of directly applying chakra, they use a more shadowy form of fuuinjutsu. They create seals of restraint, of binding, of oaths and actions. There more infamous seal of Punishment binds the opponent into three separate oaths. Harm no Meiton users, serve them as you've served your village, keep loyal to the seal giver. These three seals if broken cause agonizing pain, as well as shrivel up the chakra inside the body.

└Meiton Release: Dark Chains┘ From the dark caves of Iwagakure and Kumogakure, Meiton users create dark chains that bind and restain there opponents. These chains all have the common trait of absorbing chakra, for which enemies become bound and restrained while having there chakra drained.

└Meiton Release: Inhaling Maw┘ Each user of Meiton has two diamonds on one of there hands, overlapping the other. Of various colors. These are a symbol and a curse of the Nishimura, given to them by the Hoshi for there loss in Kumogakure, the Nishimura have turned it into a symbol of there power. This symbol allows them to absorb and remove the chakra from jutsu's and turn it upon its master.

【 Bloodline Weaknesses 】
└Weakness┘Dark Release users have a rivalry of legends with the Hoshi clan. This is due to two things, the first being the bright lights that are produced by the Hoshi lead to dark release users becoming blinded, and have spotty vision. As well as the Hoshi's form of plasma is immune to the inhaling maw and chakra chains ability, giving them a huge advantage towards Nishimura's, besides that, they are douche bags.  Earth Release techniques are effective against Meiton techniques, due to there solid form. When used, Meiton techniques take a -1 rank penalty when dealing with Doton techniques.

Meiton users are also affected greatly by bright lights, there hindrance is noted to be worthwhile when fighting them. A sudden flash can rend there chains destroying them allowing the opponent to slip away while the Meiton takes time to reform those chains. Giving Raiton a slight advantage when it comes to fighting a Meiton with there bright lights.

【Inhaling Maw】
└Dark Chains┘ Utilizing Dark Release kekkei genkai to generate dark chains that the user manipulates and absorbs chakra, as base levels they work like small forms of a chakra absorbing whip

All Dark Chain jutsu's have the follow attachments, wither stated explicitly or not.

B-Rank and Under - When binding an opponent, it drains a D rank amount per post, and can be broken with flashes of light -1 rank lower. Tools with chakra flow can also break the chains, however light based attacks destroy them and the jutsu must be recast.

A-Rank and Above - Binds and restrains the enemy, absorbing a C rank amount per post, flashes of light no longer destroy the chains, but break them enough for escape. Tools with chakra flow also work well however a equal amount of chakra needs to be put in before the chains snap.

~Nishimura Clan~ 320px-10
【 Secret Clan Jutsu 】
【 Meiton - Dark Release 】
└Inhaling Maw┘

Name: Meiton Release: Inhaling Maw
Rank: Passive
Element/'s: Dark Release
Range: Close, hand range
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub Type: Offensive
Hand seals: Horse
Description:Meiton users utilize this technique in order to forcibly extract the physical and spiritual energy of another ninja and absorb it through the upper square of the mark on there hand.
After using this ability, Meiton users are able to detect their natural elemental affinity used, and then freely manipulate the chakra gained to either spit out the same technique, or use it as fuel for themselves/another technique. This allows him to deconstruct jutsu's that come in contact with his hand. The power is handled in three different manners. (Only works on Elemental/Advance Nature jutsu's, genjutsu, fuuin etc etc do work)

  • Shadowed Glory - 200 Exp. When used on a technique, it only works on elements the user processes, the very basic version of the technique. Using the upper diamond, it takes in the technique however, due to the difficultly of it all, it requires the user to input such as much chakra in order to do so. Techniques are capped at B rank.
  • Faded Form - 500 Exp. The mid-grade version, the one most have, it works on all basic elemental jutsu's, utilizing the upper diamond, it takes in the technique and absorbs the chakra from it. However, it still requires a cost, although its -1 rank lower now. Techniques are capped at A rank.
  • Shadows Fade - 1000 Exp. A truly fierce component of Meiton, it works on all basic and advance elemental jutsu's, sucking the chakra and breaking them apart. Costing half as much as the technique to use. Techniques are capped at S rank.


Name: Meiton Release: Judgement
Rank: Any
Element/'s: Dark Release
Range: Up to 25 meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub Type: Offensive
Hand seals:Horse - Rat - Tiger - Rat - Horse
Description: Meiton users converts the chakra absorbed from the Dark Release: Inhaling Maw technique into light blue flames, turning it back on his enemies with amplified strength to blow them away. The flames are expelled through the lower square of the mark in the hand. This technique does not physical damage except from expelling a force, however it does drain chakra of +1 rank from the Inhaling Maw

Name: Dark Release: Punishment
Rank: S-ranked
Element/'s:Dark Release
Range: Self Applied
Type: Fuuinjutsu
Sub Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Hand seals: Tiger to activate.
Description: A horrible fuuinjutsu developed by the Nishimura clan, utilizing fuuinjutsu (Requires Mastery) they place a dark mark on the opponent. This mark compels the opponent to follow three simple oaths. This appears as a dark collar around the user, often times with flecks of silver moving through.

  • Oath of No harm - The user must not harm, or allow harm to come to a Meiton user
  • Oath of Servitude - Compels the user to serve the Meiton user as he/she has served the village (Can be a curse depending on how faithful you are to your village)
  • Oath of Loyalty - Never betray or create ill for the user who placed the dark mark on you.

Of course, many many scholars have studied this seals, and found that by applying a +1 ranked fuuinjutsu it can remove the seal from the user (specifically created). Also, the evil sealing method works by removing one of the oaths from the target. (Target's choice)

Name:Meiton Release: Dark Chakra Chains
Element/'s: Kekkei Genkai, Dark Release
Range:1Up to 50 meters
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub Type: Offensive
Hand seals:Horse - Rat - Horse - Tiger - Ram - Horse
Description:The user creates chains out of Dark Release chakra that binds and restrains foes. The chains are able to inflict great pain through squezing the opponent and suck chakra out of the victim At a D rank per post.

Name: Dark Release: Omnious Binding
Rank: A-rank
Element/'s:Dark Release
Range:80 meters (160 meters total)
Type: Ninjutsu
Sub Type: Offensive
Hand seals:  Horse - Tiger - Rat - Tiger- Horse - Rooster - Ram - Snake - Dragon - Ram - Dog - Horse
Description: After completing the hand signs, a small pool of darkness surrounds the user, 10 huge dark chakra chains whip out to catch the target and pull them in, if they catch the user, they begin to pull them towards the pool at the speed of a taijutsu master running. Should they fail to catch, 10 more chains whip out, doubling the reach and doubling the amount. If they fail to catch an opponent, they fade away as if a ghost passed them by. Should an opponent get caught and pulled into the pool, they have the Dark Release: Punishment Seal placed on them, and then are sent back out, laying at the feet of the Meiton user.

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~Nishimura Clan~
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