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 Chakra Resources and Chakra Cost

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Chakra Resources and Chakra Cost Chuunin
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PostSubject: Chakra Resources and Chakra Cost   Chakra Resources and Chakra Cost EmptyThu Dec 05, 2013 3:46 pm

The Sites Chakra System and Information

Chakra is the lifeblood of any ninja. It flows in 361 different points in the body. Created during the combination of physical energy, produced from the body, and spiritual energy, produce from experiences and time into a potent form of energy all life in the Naruto universe uses. Here on our site, we have developed a tool to help our members know there limits and understand the limits of there characters. In the past, many sites have counted on each other to moderate and trust enough in each other to not break the game by spamming high level moves and such. However, slowly even with the best people, inconsistencies arise. After 3 A rank moves, people in one thread admit to being tired, then its 6 S rank moves in a large battle before they even feel that same thing. We here have decided to give as much leeway as possible, but also gave some concert standards for everyone to follow.

Concerning Stamina and its affects on the body, to develop a sole separate system to determine how much stamina it takes to produce taijutsu and other more physical moves, would become too advantageous for members. And to try and take away some chakra to compensate would ruin how some people like to play there characters. So here, on our site we have combined everything into one simple system. we have chakra resources that each rank holds and has. Meaning how much energy you have before you become fatigued, exhausted and then unconscious. We have the chakra cost of each technique, regardless of its specialty. They all take from the same primordial pool, Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu and Puppetry along with everyone else all pull from that pool. Finally we have the upkeep cost of each technique, the cost that is associated with determining how much one must pay each cost to maintain long standing jutsu's.    

Chakra Resources (CR)
Chakra Resources is the amount of chakra a person has, and is able to utilize before they become, fatigued, exhausted and eventually pass out. This is the total number of resources a person has, it can be increased but that is through special things, like from skills, clans and weapons, even some techniques can temporary increase the amount of resources a person has.

  • Genin/D-Rank - 120 CR
  • Chuunin/C-Rank - 240 CR
  • Tokujou/B-Rank - 400 CR
  • Jounin/A-Rank - 520 CR
  • Kage/Organization Leader - 600 CR
  • Sannin/S-Rank - 720 CR

Chakra Cost (CC)
Chakra Cost is the amount a certain technique takes away from the Chakra Resources. Its a fairly simple system to understand, one takes the current amount of chakra resources, and subtracts the cost of the technique from it. This leaves the total remaining chakra resources a member has left. An example would be 120 CR - 5 CC = 115 CR remaining. When that user used another technique it becomes 115 CR - 10 CC = 105 CR remaining.

  • E-Rank - 2 CC
  • D-Rank - 5 CC
  • C-Rank - 10 CC
  • B-Rank - 20 CC
  • A-Rank - 40 CC
  • S-Rank - 80 CC
  • S-Rank Kinjutsu - 120 CC
  • S-Rank Factor - 144 CC

Upkeep Cost (UC)
Upkeep Cost, is the cost required to keep a constant style effect active. From an area effect style move, to LRA style armors. Many jutsu ignore this, and many simply pay this upon a set duration of posts, like after three posts. Generally, if a jutsu lasts longer than a post, it requires a post count, or it has a set duration, either the effects last for a few posts, or there is an upkeep cost.

  • E-Rank - 2 CC
  • D-Rank - 3 UC
  • C-Rank - 6 UC
  • B-Rank - 12 UC
  • A-Rank - 24 UC
  • S-Rank - 48 UC
  • S-Rank Kinjutsu - 96 UC
  • S-Rank Factor - 108 UC

Conditions and Conditional Modifiers

There are times during a battle, an invasion and such that ninja feel the pains of war. The long days, harsh conditions and the endless fighting that comes with war. Here on our site, we wish to address a few issues concerning how combat works with our chakra resources. There are four conditions that we wish to discuss. Fatigued, exhaustion, unconsciousness, and recovering. These four conditions often come up in fighting, how tired are you really, what about recovering your chakra. All these conditions are laid out as to avoid confusion among our members.

Fatigued is a condition where you have half or less of your chakra resources left. Nothing much happens in way of how your character acts or feels, but when concerning recovering from a fatigued condition, it takes 2 posts longer to recover your chakra back to full.

Exhaustion is a condition where you have 20 Chakra Resource points remaining. Recovering from Exhaustion takes 8 full posts and once you reach 20 Chakra Resources all active jutsu and ongoing effects such as LRA etc al end when you hit 20. This is due to your body literally being borderline unconscious and in a effort to stave it off, you shut down such active effects.

Unconscious When you are unconscious you can not fight or move, and your helpless against your enemies. When reaching 0 chakra resources you fall to the ground and black out. You can not recover your chakra when unconscious, but the condition only lasts for two of your posts, or 48 hours IRL. Which ever comes last. Upon reaching the designated time limit, you return to consciousness with 5 Chakra Resources and are awakened. Should an enemy not act fast enough, or its the heat of battle, this can literally save your life. Recovering from unconscious status takes 10 full posts.

Recovery is a condition used when you are in the process of regaining chakra. To recover chakra, you must be actually resting, not working in an office or mowing the lawn. The topic title must have [Recovery] in it and you must post a minimum of 250 words recovering. Each post you recover 1/4 of your over all chakra resources, unless you have a specific condition attached to it. You are NOT allowed to post one large post equally the work done, but must post individual posts. You can not store any chakra while recovering, nor preform any jutsu's, and any jutsu that is currently active must be turned off before you recover ANY chakra. During recovery you can not be sensing, or manipulating puppets, riding a summon or things like that. Also note, if your recovery is interrupted, you do not gain any chakra back from the last post. Meaning you only gain chakra back from the post previous to the interruption.
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Chakra Resources and Chakra Cost
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