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The Queen

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Character Template
Name: Griselda Belladonna Agatha Worwick Halliwell Jadis Angelica Mabbriar Narcissa Maxoff Medea Minerva Agnes Gytha Sybill Selene Dolores Esmerelda Brunhild GBAWHJAMNMMMAGSSDEB Gahagseb
Age: 23

Appearance: (Please make a typed out description as well, at least 100-150 words. A picture is not enough.)
Personality: The Witch has she is formally known by in her circles. Is a extremely odd and at times weird character. The Witch is a enigmatic person who many would consider vain and selfish. She is extremely eccentric with her ways and seeks out to become a spectator in the world, rather than an active piece on the board. The Witch is respectful to all beings, good or bad, and believes herself to be something other than human, or rather she is going to transcend into a being that is no longer human at some point in the future. She acts sarcastic and annoying around what she considers her comrades, along with her downright bossy attitude. She is so prime and proper when it comes to affairs, and believes in going about things in the right way, along with always thinking and believing she is right. The Witch believes in fate in all things, and likes to pretend things are fated to happen. However, she is often times baffled at the workings of fate, and instead leads herself down a road of believing she is a tempter of fate, rather than a follower. To say the Witch is crazy is possible a understatement, she is more aloof and a giver of many faces rather than a clinical definition of insane. She hold many fears and phobia's

Story: The Witch was born to a loving and doting father, who at times would be considered a model man.

Other Information
Family/Siblings: ( Does your character have any relatives left in the world?)
Morals:( What are your characters morals, everyone has them)
Values: (What does your character value or cherish, don't think being a psychopath or sociopath exempts you from this)
Boundaries: (What are your characters boundaries, what lines will and won't he cross, don't skimp on this either, everyone has lines they will not cross no matter what)
Motto:(What is your character motto, or code or creed, everyone has something along these lines)
Likes: (What does your character like? Please name a few things.)
Dislikes: (What does your character dislike? Name a few things here as well, please.)

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Images LRlkjhfg
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